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French A Level

Course overview

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and this makes its study at A level a great opportunity to develop competence in speaking like a native speaker.

At Northgate Sixth Form, you will enjoy our purpose-built Language Centre which will give you access to the latest ICT facilities to support your language learning and keep abreast of developments on current issues. Study is supported and enriched through links with our partner school in Saint Etienne, where you will live and study for a week in the spring term of Year 12.

We start the course by reviewing the acquisition of vocabulary, grammar, structure and language skills at GCSE and close every gap that may hinder your ability to study and discuss the A level topics.

Lessons are mostly in French. You will study a novel and a film, then conduct and present a research project.

We use the AQA A Level Coursebooks, along with Kerboodle and authentic French materials. The units are assessed at the end of Year 13.


Course Components

Year 1 Modules

  • The Traditional and the Modern Family
  • Cyberspace
  • Charity
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Contemporary Francophone Music
  • Cinema

Year 2 Modules

  • Positive Aspects of a Diverse Society
  • Life at the Margins of Society
  • Criminality
  • Youth, Voting Rights & Political Engagement
  • Protests & Strikes
  • Politics & Immigration

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements:

Five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including: 

  • GCSE grade 6 in French


  • Unit 1 Listening, Reading and Writing        50%
  • Unit 2 Writing                                                 20%                            
  • Unit 3 Speaking                                              30%
  • Exam Board: AQA


Subject Lead

Dr VC Ohakwe

Why Choose this Course?

  • France has a lot of fashion, cosmetic, designer, perfume and automobile industries. With the growth of marketing and business on the Internet, there are so many opportunities for translators to work with music labels, product labels, sports, music, entertainment and the media industries. The French automobile industry, French cuisine and tourism, are areas with mega employment opportunities for French language graduates. A level French prepares you to open these doors and enjoy a bright, fulfilling future.
  • On average, linguists earn £145,000 more than their peers over their career.

Skills You Gain

This course will help you improve your ability to communicate effectively both in speaking and writing. It will also develop your research, critical and analytical skills. You will gain an ability to access French easily in a variety of formats. Above all, it will make sustaining longer conversations in French, even with native speakers, such an enjoyable experience for you.

After Northgate

Depending on your choice, you can continue your studies by pursuing a degree in French or International/European Studies. You can also combine your other A Level subjects for entry to other degree courses, and ultimately pursue careers in the business world, civil service, Diplomatic Service, education, tourism, music and entertainment, interpreting and translating, politics, banking, intelligent services, medicine and academia.

"In an increasingly competitive world, having a language qualification is a massive asset. The course is fun and stimulating too!"

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