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English Language A Level

Course Overview

English Language at A Level provides students with a unique opportunity to see their own language and methods of communication in a completely different light whilst developing essential critical thinking skills. Within the context of its long history of development we look at how our language creates, reflects and represents our identity and culture through analytical and sociolinguistic study.

Over the two-year course you will explore a wide range of genres, texts and discourses to consider how language constructs and conveys ideas about the world around you. You will also study how we acquire language as children, how it is influenced by geography, ethnicity, gender, age and class and how it has changed over time and continues to change here, and throughout the world.


Course Components

Year 1 Components

  • Introduction to methods of language analysis
  • Analysis of how texts use language
  • Study of language and diversity, wider discourses
  • Directed critical writing
  • NEA 1: Original Writing and Commentary

Year 2 Components

  • NEA 2: Language Investigation
  • Children’s language development, history of language change, language and technology
  • Study of English as a global language
  • Study of World Englishes

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including: 

  • GCSE grade 6 in English Language or Literature


  • 80% Exam
  • 20% Coursework
  • Exam Board: AQA


Subject Lead

Mrs C Wright & Miss G Smy

Why Choose this Course?

We are exposed to language and the effects of its use in every aspect of our lives; it is so self-evident we are barely aware of just how important it is. The words we choose, the topics we discuss, the things we read or are exposed to, consciously and subconsciously, have a direct influence on our thoughts, perceptions and actions, and our attitudes to other English language users. This course allows you to fully explore the ways language is used in all its forms to create meaning whilst developing your own critical thinking, communication, and original writing skills.

Skills You Gain

You will understand how to communicate effectively, engage with how language creates meaning and representation, critically assess information and challenge assumptions and become aware of the wider context and subtext of language. In a world where communication is increasingly key to understanding wider issues and discourses, you will develop both critical and practical communication skills useful in all aspects of life.

After Northgate

A-Level English Language can help you to develop a wide range of highly respected transferable skills for both work and further study. These include analytical skills, critical thinking, research skills and communication skills, making it a highly valued qualification. English Language combines well with many other areas of future study and can lead to a huge variety of further study programmes and career paths, including Journalism, Teaching, Marketing, Human Resources and Advertising.

"Language is both a creative tool for expression and a means for social connection. By studying A Level English Language you’ll develop a critical awareness of the world around you as well as refining your communication and analytical skills to navigate through your professional and personal life"

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