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Mathematics A Level

Course Overview

Mathematics is of central importance to society – underpinning the Sciences, Technology, Computing and the Financial World. It possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty. Mathematics is therefore a vital subject, opening the doors to many careers.

You begin the course by studying a range of topics in Pure Maths including Proof, Polynomials, Graphs, Binomial Expansions, Trigonometry, Logarithms, Calculus and 2D vectors. You will also study Mechanics, focusing on motion and the forces producing motion, and Statistics which is all about analysing data, probability and an introduction to hypothesis testing. In your second year you will explore a further selection of Pure Maths and continue to develop your skills and knowledge of Statistics and Mechanics.

You will be encouraged to enter the Senior Maths Challenge and have an opportunity to enter the National Cipher Challenge. Studying Maths at A Level will open doors to a range of degree courses and apprenticeships.


Course Components

Year 12 Modules

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Statistics and Mechanics

Year 13 Modules

  • Pure Mathematics (2hr paper)
  • Pure Mathematics and Statistics (2hr paper)
  • Pure Mathematics and Mechanics (2hr paper)

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including:

  • GCSE grade 6 in Mathematics


  • 100% Exam consisting of 3 two-hour papers
  • Exam Board: OCR


Subject Lead

Miss C King

Why Choose this Course

Mathematics provides the tools that allows the modern world to function and on an individual level it provides the satisfaction of working things out. It will help to develop your logical thinking skills and your ability to solve quite complex problems – allowing you to see how different aspects of mathematics fit together.

Maths is challenging, but lots of support is available via maths workshops, our bespoke NorthgateMaths website and the use of OneNote which enables you to view all teacher notes at any time.

Skills You Gain

Mathematics remains one of the most popular A Levels and is very well thought of by universities and employers.

There are good reasons to study Mathematics even if you don’t want to do Maths or Science at University. It provides excellent training for the mind, requiring precise and accurate work, clear logical thought and problem-solving skills.

Maths is the ideal subject to teach you these skills, and it will serve you well in the future.

After Northgate

The study of Maths helps to keep doors open for future (well-paid!) careers. Mathematics at this level looks good on your CV and can lead to a range of careers, including Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Electronics, Architecture, Finance and Computing.

Students who completed their courses with us recently are now studying:

  • Mathematics at UEA
  • Engineering at Nottingham
  • Physics with Mathematics at Southampton
  • Mathematics with Computer Science at Lincoln


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