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German A Level

Course Overview

German at A Level is an exciting opportunity to achieve a high proficiency in one of the most widely spoken modern languages worldwide.

Northgate Sixth Form’s purpose-built Language Centre provides our students with access to the latest ICT facilities to support their language learning and their need to stay in touch with the latest international issues. Study is also supported and enriched through a joint trip with History to Berlin in Year 12

At the start of the first year the emphasis will be primarily on language skills and the acquisition of vocabulary, structures and grammar; we will then focus more on the in-depth study of the society, culture and heritage of the societies where the language is spoken.

Lessons are conducted for the most part in German. The textbooks AQA A Level, Kerboodle and authentic German materials are used. The units will be assessed at the end of Year 13.


Course Components

Year 1 and Year 2 Components

  1. Aspects of German Society: family life, the digital world, youth culture
  2. Artistic Culture in the German-speaking: world festivals and traditions, art and architecture, cultural life in Berlin
  3. Multiculturalism: immigration, integration and racism
  4. Aspects of Political Life in German-speaking Society: Germany and the EU, politics and youth, German Reunification
  5. One Text and one Film

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including: 

  • GCSE grade 6 in German


  • Unit 1 Listening, Reading and Writing       50%
  • Unit 2 Writing                                                20%                           
  • Unit 3 Speaking                                             30%
  • Exam Board: AQA


Subject Lead

Mr A Cobbold

Why Choose this Course?

Germany is the biggest economy within the European Union and the fourth largest worldwide. It is home to numerous international corporations and is on the front line of new technologies.

94% of people DO NOT speak English as a first language.

German is the second most commonly used scientific language

On average, linguists earn £145,000 more than their peers over their career.

Skills You Gain

Alongside the language development, interpersonal skills, and cultural awareness, German at A-Level helps you to broaden your understanding and view of the world because it allows you to look at life from a different perspective.

After Northgate

Continue your study with a degree in German or International/European Studies. Or join up German with other A Level subjects for entry to other degree courses. Careers in the business world, sciences, civil service, education, tourism, cybersecurity, interpreting, translating, gaming, fashion and the arts – the choices are endless!

"I would 100% recommend doing a language because it opens so many opportunities that you would otherwise never have … It’s also a smart career move – native English speakers with any foreign language skills at all are very hard for employers to find!"

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