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Film Studies A Level

Course Overview

Film Studies at A Level provides students with an overview of film over the last 100 years. We take both an analytical and practical approach that looks at all aspects of cinema, spectatorship and meaning.

Over the two-year course, you will study 15 films including texts ranging from American blockbusters to independent British film and beyond.  You will consider your role as spectator in the construction of meaning and examine film as an aesthetic art form, a storytelling medium and how films reflect their social and political contexts

Film Studies not only enables you to understand how films both make meaning and reflect wider societal values, but will also develop your own filmmaking skills and put theory into practise. We also study a range of short films in preparation for your own short film production. 


Course Components

Year 1 Components

  • American Film since 2005
  • Hollywood Film 1930-1990
  • British Film since 1995
  • Global Film (European)

Year 2 Components

  • Global Film (outside Europe)
  • Documentary Film
  • Silent Film
  • Experimental Film
  • Short Film Production

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including: 

  • GCSE grade 4 in English Language or Literature


  • 70% Exam
  • 30% Coursework
  • Exam Board: Eduqas


Subject Lead

Mr I Bailey

Why Choose this Course?

Film is one of the main cultural innovations of the last 100 years and an increasingly important part of our society. If you are enthusiastic and excited by cinema then this course is for you. Whether it be a passion for mainstream Hollywood or a love of experimental world cinema, Film Studies offers a breadth of learning experiences. You will study a highly diverse series of films which reflect global, ethnic and cultural experiences.

Production work is an integral part of the course, and you will have an opportunity to apply your knowledge and understanding of how films are constructed as you will create your own five-minute piece of cinema.

Skills You Gain

It will enhance your understanding of critical approaches to film and how to apply them. Films are studied within their key contexts, including social political and industrial influences.

You will learn key analytical skills so that you will be able to freely ‘read’ films and be aware of how meaning is generated and how spectators respond to film.

After Northgate

Film Studies is a well-regarded A level that is suitable for those interested in further education in many subjects including English Literature, English Language, History, Sociology, Art, Photography and Media and Cultural studies at a degree level.  It may also be useful for a career in television, film, radio or journalism.

"Film Studies encourages you to be more creative in how you watch and interpret films. It changes your perception of not just films but the real-life contexts behind them."

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