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Psychology A Level

Course Overview

In A level Psychology you will gain an understanding of the biological and environmental factors that make us think, feel and act in the ways that we do.

In Year 1 we will consider the different ways in which behaviour can be explained. We will look at the importance of early relationships in shaping our development. We will examine the influence of those around us and wider society on our actions and beliefs. We will look at explanations for, and treatments of, OCD, phobias and depression.

In Year 2 we will study explanations of crime and discuss the most appropriate ways of dealing with criminal behaviour. We will look at why we form relationships and why relationships may succeed or fail. We will also study in depth, explanations and treatments of schizophrenia.


Course Components

Year 1 Components

  • Attachment
  • Social Influence
  • Memory
  • Approaches in Psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Research Methods

Year 2 Components

  • Biopsychology
  • Relationships
  • Schizophrenia
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Issues and Debates in Psychology

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including: 

  • GCSE grade 5 in Psychology
  • Or GCSE grade 5 in English Language or English Literature if Psychology not studied at GCSE


  • 3 x 2 hour exams
  • Exam Board: AQA


Subject Lead

Mr S Wootton

Why Choose this course?

Psychology gives us an understanding of our own thoughts and actions and those of others. As an applied subject, Psychology suggests ways to change and adapt behaviour. For example, psychologists provide therapies for mental disorders, improvements in health in education and interventions to reduce offending behaviour.

Psychology is a very popular option at Northgate. Within lessons a range of teaching approaches are used including discussion, debate, individual and group work as well as formal teaching. Students are also encouraged to carry out their own investigations and research.

Skills You Gain

You will learn analytical skills and develop the ability to examine evidence to support different theories and explanations for behaviour. You will also be able to write extended pieces of academic work. You will enhance your skills in communication and critical thinking. Through studying topics such as psychopathology and forensic psychology you will become more understanding of the issues that people face and the effects it has on them and their friends and families. All of these skills will help to prepare you for university or the workplace.

After Northgate

Psychologists play a vital role in all aspects of society, from education to the economy to the criminal justice system. Careers in Psychology include educational psychologist, clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist and health psychologist. Psychology also lends itself to careers in teaching, advertising, police work, social work the media or any other profession which involves working with other people.

"Psychology gives you a much better understanding of people."

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