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Subjects studied 

  • Business Studies
  • Graphics
  • Textiles

What school did you attend previously?

Northgate High School

What do you enjoy about your courses?

In Textiles I like making garments and doing the practical work on a sewing machine. I enjoy doing lots of creative experiments on different kinds of fabric. In Graphics you have a lot of creative freedom to make whatever you want for a final piece. I also really like designing logos and covers for different products. I enjoy looking at the data and making links between statistics and real life in Business. It is really interesting to see and learn how businesses are made.

Why did you choose these subjects to study?

I loved studying Textiles at GCSE and I aspire to be a fashion designer in the future. I love creative subjects so I chose Graphics as I wanted to learn how to create digital work on the computer. I felt Business would be useful in the future and I wanted to learn skills that would be helpful if I want to create my own business.

Why did you choose to study at Northgate Sixth Form?

From my experience of being here at high school, I knew that the teachers are very nice and helpful. I also like the fact that it is smaller so there are less people in a class so your teacher can focus on you more.

"There are less people in a class so your teacher can focus on you more."

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Sidegate Lane, Ipswich, IP4 3DL

Tel: 01473 210 123