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Aspire Programme

Places at universities, on degree apprenticeship programmes and in the workplace are increasingly competitive. It is therefore important that young people gain the knowledge, skills and experiences that they need to thrive and be successful in life.

What is the Aspire Programme?

The Aspire Programme provides students with opportunities to take part in a number of varied activities throughout Year 12 to help equip and support you to realise your ambitions with regards to moving on at the end of your time at Northgate Sixth Form. Whether you are thinking of university, an apprenticeship or entering the workforce, this programme will help prepare you for your next steps.

Each session will have a different theme. You will attend a structured session introducing that theme and then be set a series of challenges to complete which are linked to that theme. There will be remote learning opportunities to support you in completing the challenges, made available in Teams and Stream, and you will come back together as a group to showcase the skills that you have developed. At the end of the academic year our celebration event will recognise the achievements and accomplishments of every single student who has taken part in the Aspire Programme.


The Aspire Programme will allow you to develop your skills in the following areas:

Autumn Term 1

Theme 1

Introduction to Programme, Career Roadmaps and Marginal Gains

Autumn Term 2 Theme 2 Motivation, Goalsetting, Time Management and Study Skills
Autumn Term 2 Theme 3 Written Communication (Personal Statement focus)
Spring Term 1 Theme 3 Written Communication (CV focus)
Spring Term 1 Theme 4 Debating and Structured Argument
Spring Term 2 Theme 5 Interviews and Presentation Skills
Summer Term 1 Theme 5 Mock Interviews
Summer Term 1 Theme 6 Teamwork and Leadership
Summer Term 2   Celebration Event

We’re looking forward to getting started!

The Aspire Programme will assist you in acquiring the range of skills that universities and employers are looking for in young people, which will help set you apart from others in an increasingly competitive world. Embrace the opportunities that you will have on this programme and develop the skills that you need to succeed with your future plans. 



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